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Here at Pounds' Turkey Farm,  brothers Tim and Rick Pounds, are second generation owners ~ each working full time on the farm.   Beverly Pounds manages the office and retail store.  Other family members help as they are able, and we have dedicated employees helping us year round as well.

Specializing in raising turkeys the old fashioned way, we provide delicious farm fresh turkeys for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.  For more turkey details, visit our Thanksgiving  Page.  In addition to our holiday turkeys, we make more than 70 turkey products here on the farm .  We have consistently won awards at the Pa. Assoc. of Meat Processors annual competitions.  Our Smoked Turkey Breast was judged Best of Show at both the 2010 & 2015 event.  

A herd of 35 Angus cattle and their yearly offspring provide our customers with tender and delicious all natural beef.  We have recently improved our grazing system, pastures, fencing and watering systems.  
Committed to maintaining our family farm and offering our customers wholesome & delicious products.
Original Barn, circa early 1800s
Turkey Feed System
3 Day Old turkey Poult