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          Our all natural beef is delicious, juicy & tender.   By using a combination of  both hay (grass)  and grain (corn),  we produce a wholesome and flavorful product.  All of our feeds are free of antibiotics, added hormones & growth promotants.   Our animals are free of implants.  We raise our beef as we do our turkeys - with the end result always in mind and great attention to detail.  To ensure a naturally tender product, our beef is dry aged for 12-14 days before it is cut and packaged.  Cuts are vacuumed packed and quickly frozen to maintain the best flavor.

         Beef cuts may be purchased individually from our freezer case, or customers may order by the Half or Quarter.  Our standard quarter designates a "Half of a Half" - meaning you receive 50% of all cuts available on a half.  From ground beef to porterhouse steaks, you get your share of every thing.  Orders may also be placed for Front or Hind quarters if that is your preference & these options are priced accordingly.  When placing your order for a half or quarter, we will discuss your cooking style and help you select the best cuts for your family.  You can customize a number of options to meet your needs.   Another great choice for filling your freezer is our "Family Meat Pack".  Our meat packs include a wide variety of cuts and are packaged from our most recent processing.    

​                                                       2022 Beef Update:               
Because we raise our beef as described above, our ability to fill orders is limited.  We will not process our cattle before they are ready - this means mid to late   summer for most of our herd.  We may also purchase cattle from local farms IF they meet our specifications.  We are happy to add you to our waiting list &  we will contact  you when we have meat available.  Your interest is appreciated.

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Our Market carries a full selection of ground, steaks, roasts, soup bones, etc.