Pounds' Turkey Farm
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Our Freshly Frozen Turkeys are raised the old-fashioned way; totally antibiotic & preservative free.

  The difference between our fresh and frozen turkeys?
Absolutely nothing!  Same great flavor, raised the exact same way, simply colder ~ requiring thawing time.

Fr​ozen Turkeys  $3.59/# 

 Frozen Breasts  $6.19/#

Boneless (breast) Roasts $7.89/#

Boneless Half Breasts  $7.19/#

Smoked Turkey  $5.49/#
Very Limited  $20 Deposit

Smoked Breasts  $7.59/#
Very Limited   $20 Deposit

Smoked Boneless Breast  $7.69/#
Ample Supply

Phone orders  @ 724-845-7661
     * Online orders suspended. 
 Please call for current turkey availability.
Lots of great info here  ~ How much to order?  How do I thaw?  How long should I roast? etc.