Pounds' Turkey Farm
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For Your Family Celebrations...
Turkey, Breast or Roast
Frozen, but we are happy to thaw for you upon request. (w/ deposit)
Sale prices through Easter:
Turkey   $2.69/#
Breasts   $4.59/#
Boneless Breast Roasts   $6.29/#

Smoked Turkey, Breast or Roast 
  Order by: March 21st.

Thoma's Smoked Ham, 1/2 or whole , $3.29/lb
 Order by: March 17th

Smoked Keilbassi & Hamloaves,
Stuffing, Cranberries, Gravy & More!
To order, please visit our market or call 
$4.69/lb             $6.49/lb        $ 7.39/lb.